Frequently asked questions

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about our services and planning in general as of 2018.

You are working with a team that provides more than just a service. We provide you with a passionate group that is more excited about your event than you are. Altogether we hope we can help you with our answers if you still have any questions please do contact us.

How many other weddings or events will you handle that same day/weekend/hour? Presently we can do 1 to 2 events.

Will I need any permits for my event? If so, will you handle obtaining them? Eventually yes, to avoid failures.

Can you provide references from previous clients? Most definitely! Word of mouth is our best form of advertising.

Are you working on any other weddings or events on the same day or weekend of our event? No, if ever it happens we want to be sure that if we have other events, your wedding or event will get the staff and attention it deserves.

If I decide not to serve cake, can you provide a dessert display instead? Definitely yes, we can tie you up with some of our desserts.

Do you work with fresh and not frozen food? Of course, we serve and provide you with fresh foods.

Does the catered meal come in full service? Yes, in addition to food preparation, we all handle everything from the table settings to bar service and cleanup. 

When do you need a finalized choice? We need to know your menu choices 1 month before the event so we’ll have all the ingredients ready to go for the day of your wedding or event. You should decide on your RSVP date based on when we’re going to need a final headcount.

Do you do food tastings and is there an extra charge for this? Yes, we are very proud of our reputation and we want you to be completely comfortable securing our service for our special event. We are confident that you’ll not only love our food but also that you will feel completely comfortable with your decision to use SALAGO’s services for your special day

If there is leftover food from my event, can we have it wrapped up for guests to take home or have it delivered to a local shelter? Likewise, you can do so.

What will the coordinator and staff wear? Depending on the style of your event, our staff dresses appropriately for the tone and style of your wedding and any other events.

Where do you prepare the food? Do you need to make an on-site facility or make additional arrangements with the venue? Provided that we do it at SALAGO owner’s home.

How do you arrange the food on the buffet or plate? Can we see photos of previous presentations from you? Of course, we can give you photos for references from previous customers.

Can we provide a sentimental family favorite recipe to include in the menu? Absolutely! We pride ourselves in our flexibility to meet our client’s needs in every aspect of their events. We try our best to duplicate your treasured memories.

My schedule is very busy. Do I have to meet in person to make my catering arrangements? We welcome personal meetings as it gives you the opportunity to both experiences and tastes the quality and presentation of our products. We would be happy to make an appointment for you with one of our consultants at your convenience. An appointment at the party location can also be very useful in helping to plan the logistics and in familiarizing us with the space available.

If we provide our own wine, champagne and liquor do you charge a corkage fee? We do not charge a “Corkage” fee. Our service staff will be happy to uncork and serve beverages to your guests.

How much time do you need for set-up and clean-up? We need at least 3 hours to set things up from food, table settings, and decorations.

Can we see a copy of your standard contract? Yes, you can.

Do you have a list of event locations? Yes, we do have a list of locations that you’ll find helpful in searching for your upcoming event.

I already have an event location booked. Can I still hire your event planning services? In fact yes we are at your services.

Describe a time when you had to deal with an unexpected problem during an event — how did you resolve the issue? We evaluate our self-awareness, be true to ourselves and always come up with plans to solve it immediately.

How can I make payments? Upon confirmation its 30%, 1 month to the event 50%, and 20% the day of the event.

How much experience do you have? We have 3 years in Events and Catering Services and 5 years in delivering mostly salad on the go.

How do you measure the success of your events? We equally focus on monitoring social media activities, event surveys, the efficiency in planning an event, the number of sales, and the actual cost and revenue in organizing an event.

What do you think makes a good event? We are reliable caterer that will show up on time, provide the goods and services contracted, and will communicate all costs in advance. Not to mention the same degree of quality and professionalism goes into every job we do.

How do you cope with multiple deadlines? In this case, we prioritize the updates and keep track of each event cooperatively, as well as focus our time in advance so that we know what, when, and how each aspect of the event is occurring, and update its progress. The more we know about each event the better because it will allow us to adjust accordingly and ensure that we meet each deadline successfully.”

Can You Accommodate Last-Minute Requests? If a client wants to order on the day of their catering we may not have all of the items available. We will definitely do our best to deliver all the food that is requested by the client.