Debut & Birthday

birthday with salagoFor debut and birthday let our list of packages help you plan your celebration. Celebrate with SALAGO the most memorable event of your 1st, 7th, teenage to senior life with us. 

Adding a year in your age means having more fun in life, enjoying the rainbow through the rain and the clouds and wind. Being independent, being brave and most importantly being yourself. 

Relatives and friends gather to share food and drink, bringing gifts and enjoying a special birthday cake. We can have everyone involved and have fun along the way. It is both fun and stressful but you have all your friends and family to celebrate your one special day. Even if you are young at heart or just a kid we’ll still keep you imaginative and engage around to achieve what is possible and set a party that is worthwhile.

birthdays with salago

After all, it’s your party. Our team will make it sure you enjoy the process. Don’t be afraid to ask us for help. What party it’s going to be without us, that will get the people all excited on your debut and birthday. So book your delicious journey with us SALAGO salad on the go Events and Catering Services. We are here to serve you. 


Here it is! Not your typical dramatic slo-mo teaser so better catch me if you can hahahaGonna rock this place on the 24th of March🔥#18daysto18thCoachellaxBohemian💕🎥: Pitique Photography

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