Production Team

First of all our search for excellence is endless.

staff at wedding

Our staff encourages themselves with high expectations, set ambitious goals and meet their commitments. Together we provide a detail-oriented and reliable catering service for events of all sizes. Because of that, we want to meet your needs by exploring ideas with you.

staff at reception

Likewise, our staff would love to be part of your next event. We will serve you with the best always at its best. As a result, we’ll bring the restaurant to you as you will be amazed at what can we do at any events and catering service venue.

We wanted to recognize us as we build a connection as they can differentiate us with our unique and stylish service. Even more, our employees improve their skills, we encourage them to take risks, treat them fairly, recognize their accomplishments, and inspire them to approach their jobs with passion and commitment.

staff with the owner

 While we are better today than yesterday, we are not as good as we must become. Our search for excellence is endless. Above all SALAGO salad on the go Events and Catering staff will take care of every detail and treat each of you with personal care and attention.