SALAGO Salad on the go will surely give you a remarkable and memorable experience event of your life. First of all to keep our leading and quality in our services because we make it sure we are modern, creative, special in our own creative way, and give you the fair solution.


SALAGO Salad on the go offers Events and Catering Services

Likewise, we’ll give our client lists of food choices and packages, so they could designate their budget for the event or occasion.

Most importantly our staff will schedule a meeting with the client to confirm the date and venue of the event. Hence an inspection at the venue is made to make sure that preparations will be set according to the theme of the event or occasion. 

As a result, SALAGO salad on the go cater for all occasions, serve you a wide range of superb dishes and create the perfect table set-up. Therefore if you would like to inquire about our services and to find out more contact us click the link above and like our Facebook page and other social media accounts. Finally, we look forward to hearing from you.

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SALAGO salad on the go 

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